Автор: Alexandra Glavanakova
ISBN: 978-954-07-3869-7
Страници: 254
Година: 2014
Наличност: Да
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Dr. Alexandra Glavanakova received her MA and PhD degrees at Sofi a University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, where she has been a tenured lecturer at the Department of English and American Studies for over 20 years. She teaches courses in American and Canadian culture and literature, in digital culture, multimodal writing, and literature in the age of the Internet. Her publications have explored the major cultural shift in literacy, education and literature under the impact of digital technology.

Posthuman Transformations: Bodies and Texts in Cyberspace explores the re/positioning of the human body and the evolution of the textual body in technological culture. Through the examination of a selection of fi ctional texts - both print and computer-mediated - an extensive account of the transformations of the bodies of fictional characters and the actual reader in interaction with/(in) cyberspace is presented. The book is interdisciplinary - at the crossroads of posthumanism, postmodern literary theory, phenomenology and the philosophy of technology. The author seeks to answer the interrelated questions: How is the human body imagined in print and computer-mediated fictional texts? What is the body’s role in redefi ning the human in technological culture?

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