Normativity: Contemporary Challenges

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Normativity: Contemporary Challenges
СъставителAlexander Gungov Valentina Kaneva Todor Polimenov
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  • Година: 2017
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Collection of essays by the Department of Logic, Ethics and Aesthetics, Faculty of Philosophy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”


I. Beyond Essentialism and Metaphysics

Aristotle’s Essentialism / 9

Todor Polimenov

Russell’s Theory of Types and the Death of Metaphysics / 24

Anna Beshkova

Against the Notion of Individual Essence / 30

Evgeni Latinov

II. Challenges to Indifference

A Critical View Towards the Ethics of Care / 47

Nedialka Videva

Ethics Without Moralism: Applied, Professional and Academic / 97

Silvia Mineva

Tolerance: An Attempt to Overcome Character / 121

Petar Goranov

Genius in the Circle of Being / 137

Vitan Stefanov

Smooth and Transparent – Reality as Virtuality: Aesthetic Modification of

Virtuality / 155

Petar Plamenov

Overcoming Ontology – the Levinasian Move Towards Exteriority and

Heterogeneity / 182

Darin Drossev

III. The Legacy of German Idealism – Contemporary Interpretations

Life Preservation and the Duty not to Commit Suicide in Kant’s Ethics / 211

Valentina Kaneva

Art and Reconciliation: Adorno’s Dispute with Hegel / 224

Ognian Kassabov

Diagnostics in a Logical Perspective / 242

Alexander Gungov