Analysing English Grammar

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Analysing English Grammar
АвторLilyana Grozdanova, Alexandra Bagasheva
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  • Корица: Мека
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  • Размери: 20.00см x 28.00см
  • Страници: 228
  • Година: 2011
  • ISBN: 978-954-07-3225-1
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Комплект с тетрадка Answer Key, 138 стр.

Exclusively designed for Bulgarian university students, teachers of English and young scholars, Analysing English Grammar reveals how the grammar of English works in an engaging and stimulating way. 
Guiding readers from active observation to independent analysis and generalization, it aims at developing their analytical skills and contributing to the enhancement of their professional expertise. 
The book covers 30 major grammar topics, systematically presented through authentic texts and discovery procedures. Exercises are carefully graded and integrated into the main body of the grammar, with support provided in a separate book of answers. Revision units and tests are designed to reveal both students’ progress and achievement. 
Analysing English Grammar is recommended to students who want to enhance their knowledge of grammar and do well in exams. Providing contextualized data, stimulating activities in realistic situations, this learner-friendly coursebook is suitable for self-study. Students can discover how grammar works and expand their knowledge at their own pace in areas of individual interest. 

Analysing English Grammar was developed and piloted with the support of the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.